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Home Office

In today's fast paced world, Plaza Furniture store Massapequa Park, New York believes whether you work from home, or just desire a quiet and stylish environment to get your taxes done and check your email or if you’re looking for a writing space devoted to the book you’ll finish – or start – one of these days, a home office is one of the most surprisingly personal rooms a house can have. Home Office's are a combination of business and character, function and comfort – so it should be furnished to reflect this. Make your home office look like more than a workspace and you’ll make it more effective.

Home Office Signature Series by Ashley

So how do you achieve this wonderful den of productivity?
Plaza Furniture store Massapequa Park, New York encourages you to consider some of these tips when you begin furnishing your home office or study.

1. Find your inspiration. You don’t have to be Art major to appreciate a beautiful painting, nor do you need a set of First Editions to make your shelves look legitimate. Shop, browse and access artistic pictures and prints, or spend some time at a museum to find out what might be to your taste or what gets you mentally engaged – whether it’s Picasso or Jackson Pollock. Be sure to display on  your bookshelves the books, and accessories you love, everything from Greek philosophy to John Grisham. Then let your inspirations dictate your design.

2. Wallpaper or painting ? Flooring. While you might not want to choose a loud neon yellow, no matter your taste, be sure to let your mind explore options beyond just eggshell or grey. And don’t rule out wallcoverings, which comes in a variety of styles too numerous to detail. Whether you want simple, mission-style white-washed walls or antique Victorian paper designs, there are options out there for you. When it comes to flooring, consider wood flooring with area rugs for versatility.

3. Pick out furniture. Here at Plaza Furniture store Massapequa Park, New York we understand you don’t need to be a professional psychiatrist to have a couch in your office. This is both a place to work and a place to take breaks from work, so have a comfortable couch or armchair to recharge your battery  and let your brainmull things over. Perhaps you’ll go a contemporary route, with a modern sectional sofa, or choose some lounge furniture if you want your office to look more like a five-star hotel .

Remember that a home office is still part of the home. So while it’s a workplace, let Plaza Furniture store Massapequa Park, New York assist you in creating a comfortable environment .